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News: See how these cannabis brands are thinking outside-the-box

June 20, 2018 — By the Booth: See how these cannabis brands are thinking outside-the-box Patio Interactive – 360 VR Tours of Facilities, Packaging & Product What It’s About: Using 360 video, VR, and AR companies like Patio Interactive showcase cannabis farms, their tech and their production process (the next best thing to a good old-fashioned brewery […]

Toronto Star: Pushing the boundaries Canadian cannabis companies

April 12, 2018 — Toronto Star: ‘Pushing the boundaries’: Canadian cannabis companies aim to skirt strict rules with creative marketing Canadian agricultural tech company Future Farm Technologies Inc. is betting other cannabis companies will look to augmented reality, announcing plans earlier this month to spin off its augmented reality assets into a marijuana-sector focused Nextech AR […]

The Globe and Mail: Marijuana firms use creative marketing tactics

APRIL 12, 2018 — The Globe and Mail: Marijuana firms use creative marketing tactics to skirt strict regulations Toronto-based Patio Interactive offers cannabis companies who want to use augmented reality the ability to show customers 3D models of the cannabis buds for particular strains. “They’re pretty interested in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” said co-founder […]

CBC News: High-tech firms get ready to light up the weed industry

Feb 14, 2018: High-tech firms get ready to light up the weed industry In a trendy studio in Toronto’s fashion district, shared by several tech start-ups, you can slip on a pair of glasses and be transported to a weed production facility thousands of kilometres away.  Users of Patio Interactive’s virtual reality lens can walk through the building, touch […]

Interactive Trophies at PWC’s Vision to Reality

PATIO was excited to have been tasked with the interesting project of creating the ultimate in innovative trophies for the PWC Vision to Reality Awards. PWC and PATIO have worked on many ongoing collaborative projects with creative themes, anywhere from virtual reality demos to innovation conferences. We knew the trophies for this event had to […]

Lions and Tigers and Drones! Oh My!

Visitors at the Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park saw a new attraction this week when PATIO’s newest 360 camera found itself the new desired playtoy of three curious african lions. Strapped to the bottom of a DJI drone in a rather macgyver-like fashion, our newest samsung gear 360 camera took a dive into the lions pit […]

Meet: the Samsung Gear 360 “Virtual Reality” Camera

Check out our latest cutting-edge addition to the PATIO tech line-up! The Samsung Gear 360 camera was announced at the 2016 Mobile World Conference in February as Samsung’s very first 360 “virtual reality”camera. Check out the specs on this innovative device: Camera Quality The revolutionary camera holds two 180 degree 15-megapixel fisheye lens with a […]

360 Video Tour: Vancouver Airport Baggage Screening

In partnership with the Vancouver Airport Authority, PATIO Interactive helped shoot a virtual reality 360 video of the new THR baggage screening procedure at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). With the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)’s new Transborder HBS Recapitalization Program, our client was searching for ways to educate and train its internal staff on the full […]

Lioness “Roars for Habitat” V.I.P Event

Ever seen a person painted head-to-toe in avatar-esque body paint, made to resemble a colorful tiger? These two seductively dancing figures – a man and a woman – were the first to greet our surprised eyes as the elevator doors dramatically and slowly unveiled the scene before us. Upon first glance, We weren’t entirely sure […]