CBC News: High-tech firms get ready to light up the weed industry

Feb 14, 2018: High-tech firms get ready to light up the weed industry

In a trendy studio in Toronto’s fashion district, shared by several tech start-ups, you can slip on a pair of glasses and be transported to a weed production facility thousands of kilometres away. 

Users of Patio Interactive’s virtual reality lens can walk through the building, touch the cannabis buds, and learn all about where their weed comes from.

It’s just one of many tools that tech firms are using to slice out a piece of the cannabis action as legalization nears. 

“The boom has already started,” Charles Bern, the founder of Patio Interactive, told CBC Toronto. “The levels of innovation, technology, the ripple-effect of the industry has already been felt. Companies have been gearing up.”

Read More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/joint-ventures-high-tech-1.4534330

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