Interactive Trophies at PWC’s Vision to Reality

PATIO was excited to have been tasked with the interesting project of creating the ultimate in innovative trophies for the PWC Vision to Reality Awards. PWC and PATIO have worked on many ongoing collaborative projects with creative themes, anywhere from virtual reality demos to innovation conferences. We knew the trophies for this event had to be cutting edge and represent the creative culture at PWC, so we got to work creating a number of different mock-ups including the following:


Our team met with the event coordinators at PWC, who chose the winning designs. After that; production time. Our PATIO fabrication shop crew went to work with the laser cutters creating 15 customized trophies.We designed our trophies to be interactive and twitter responsive, so anytime a guest at the event live tweeted using the hashtag #V2R, the trophies would launch into a colorful lights display.


The event was a success and our team was invited to participate in the festivities/meet some cool people. In true PATIO fashion, we also brought along our Oculus Rift headsets and demo-ed some awesome 360 video virtual reality.


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