Genesys AR Travel Portal

Augmented reality is disrupting the way we interact with media and engage with different industries-such as tourism and travel. With the release of ARKit we are now able to place virtual objects in our real environments and interact with them.

This allows us to explore and discover how new customer experience practices could evolve and engage with their customers on a more personal and immersive level. 

We worked with Genesys- one of the world’s biggest CX companies to explore the possible use cases for the future of communications with this proof of concept. 

Using agile design and development processes we were able to create a mixed reality AR portal that shows “the art of the possible” for selling travel experiences while integrating their AI. We wanted to show a use case of AR that allows the user to place a portal in their living room and walk through with a mobile device and view 360  photospheres of a possible vacation package. 

Our Approach

Throughout a process of rapid prototyping, it was very important to align the team on designing the initial user experience with what software and hardware limitations we had. Leveraging the immersive nature of VR and the accessibility of AR on mobile devices, we designed and developed a mixed reality experience to make VR content more accessible for those without headsets.

We delved deep into fleshing out one specific user journey in which the customer receives and e-mail, accesses the app and places the portal to view a Mediterranean Cruise package in AR. From there we worked backwards to realize it through this simple proof of concept.

Genesys AR Travel Portal

Our Solution

We created an AR experience wherein a travel AI agent appears to introduce and on-board the cruise package before the point of purchase.

The customer moves their Ipad around to view the 360 photospheres and explore points of interests (POIs) situated around each of the environments. They can tap a POIs for more information about each of the activities and scroll through to see other 360 scenes- with each photo-sphere and POIs being fully personalized and curated for the specific customer profile.  In the end customers can can engage with a chat bot to book the next steps of their vacation package.

The demo was exhibited internationally as part of Genesys’ CX2018  showcase to communicate the future immersive customer experience.