Mill Street Brewery is a Toronto craft brewery in Toronto. They were recently acquired by Labatt Breweries (Anheuser–Busch InBev). They are a major popular brand of beer and run regular brewery tours in the distillery district. 


Many visitors thought all the beer was made in the Distillery District brewery location, but most of their beer is actually made in their large Scarborough facility. However, people cannot tour this facility, only the small Distillery District brewery. We were tasked to educate guests to Mill Street on how their beer is made and retain the origins and bring back the home brand of Mill Street (post-Labatt acquisition).

Our Approach

We wanted to involve the founder to tell the story & history of Mill Street to bring another layer of authenticity and personal connection to the process. We wanted to educate guests on Mill St’s iconic beer brands as they taste tested a flight of samples. Through virtual reality we were able to bring the tour to the guests by providing a virtual walk-through on how beer is made in the Scarborough main facility.