The Challenge

We worked with MetaVRse and Shoppers Drugmart to re-imagine the retail shopping experience of the future.

Shoppers Drug Mart is one of the largest franchisees in Canadian retailing, with over 1300 stores across Canada. They wanted to offer customers the opportunity to experience its `Top Picks’ daily in-store promotions using augmented reality without having to download an app.

As part of a pilot program to showcase the Shoppers Top Picks product line at Sherway Gardens, shoppers and visitors alike were invited to see a virtual clone of the product come to life.

We were tasked to implement the web-based technology to dynamically showcase the products in a simple, accessible and immersive way.

Our Approach

After thoroughly researching what technical frameworks were available to fit the clients needs we experimented and decided to move forward with a web based solution which was cross platform.

Any visitor with a smartphone could access the experience via visiting a simple website URL.

They would then be able to point and scan the object marker to create a 3D overlay they can then manipulate, inspect, and learn more about without the commitment of downloading any apps.

By rapidly prototyping in-house, we tested lighting conditions, robustness of markers, modelling and optimizing hyper-realistic product models for in-browser rendering before finally deploying on-site.

Pilot activation at Sherway Gardens mall where products were placed in context of where they were used.

Our Solution

The final WebAR experience ensured that the web experience would live beyond the marketing activation. Visitors were also given takeaway fliers that they could continue to access elsewhere and share with others.

With this “App-Free Solution”- customers of the future can simply visit the website URL and view a 3D replica of the product dynamically to get a sense size, scale, and the form factor of a product outside of the packaging. They could then engage and manipulate the product dynamically and learn more about it without the cost of having actual physical product present.

To view the 3D Shoppers Top Picks products, use your mobile device to visit

Note: Devices must run on iOS11 (Safari) or Android 7 (Chrome)

In the future customers can scan different products from different brands each with their own custom visual effects online, virtually or in select pop-up retail stores.