WestWorld AR Experience

In collaboration with Bell Media and HBO Canada, we developed a unique way to promote Westworld’s Season 2 through augmented reality engagement. Acting as the centerpiece of a marketing activation campaign, this experience traveled across Canada into different venues to attract new and existing viewers into discovering which character they would be on the show.

Challenges & Goals

– Provide a unique and engaging experience to generate excitement and hype about the upcoming Season 2 release, enticing visitors to opt in for HBO cable subscriptions. 

– Create an experience that both markets the show and speaks to its unique themes.

– Include a personal touch that speaks to hardcore fans and new viewers

The Solution

As big fans of the show, we were really passionate about communicating the core aspects of the iconic series while making it more accessible to the general audience. We built an Augmented Reality personality quiz which modeled content and backstory from the show to allow fans to go through a selection process as if they were going on vacation at Delos. A holographic simulation (Host) walks users through a questionnaire before presenting which character they are most alike from the show. Fans can also take selfies and explore exclusive HBO Westworld content for the upcoming season.

To download the app visit: www.westworldar.com

The AR experience was the centerpiece of the activation. We used marker-based AR which allowed users to trigger the experience anywhere the logo was present.