Meet: the Samsung Gear 360 “Virtual Reality” Camera

Check out our latest cutting-edge addition to the PATIO tech line-up! The Samsung Gear 360 camera was announced at the 2016 Mobile World Conference in February as Samsung’s very first 360 “virtual reality”camera. Check out the specs on this innovative device:


Camera Quality

The revolutionary camera holds two 180 degree 15-megapixel fisheye lens with a bright f/2.0 aperture and is able to capture 360 degree fully immersive photos and video, being recorded at a resolution of 3,840 x 1,920 pixels.

Battery and Storage

The Gear 360 is powered by a 1,350 mAH lithium battery, said to last up to two hours of continual shooting, and is replaceable with a spare for extended shooting times. The device also has the capability to support 128GB microSD cards, giving it the ability to shoot seven hours of high resolution video at a time.

Device Compatibility

The Samsung Gear 360 is compatible with any current Samsung Galaxy phone and VR headsets, as well as with recently released downloadable software for Windows. Rumor has it that Samsung is also considering writing software compatible with Mac, but this has yet to be confirmed.


Upon the announcement of this camera, PATIO staff had been eagerly awaiting the chance to get our hands on this exciting technology to start creating some amazing 360 immersive content. To the anxious dismay of early adopters and tech-lovers alike, Samsung has remained relatively tight-lipped, refusing to discuss release dates at the 2016 Mobile World Conference or online for the baseball-shaped device. Although not currently available for purchase in Canada, PATIO was able to gain access to multiple Samsung Gear 360 cameras to start creating some seriously sweet VR content.


Since the Samsung Gear 360 has joined the PATIO family, we’ve had many occasions to use the virtual reality technology to help clients capture and relive the full, immersive experiences of their special and unique events on camera. We’ve had the chance to capture experiences anywhere from up-close looks into a lion’s pit, to posh rooftop evening events in the heart of downtown Toronto. Here are some examples of our more recent 360 video projects:


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